Forever In Time
Album studio oleh Cromok
Dikeluarkan pada13 Julai 1993
Dirakam pada1993
GenreThrash metal
Ulasan profesional

It was recorded at King Studio under the commence of EMI label. This is a major breakthrough for the band as their first album/demo were recorded in a garage studio and distribute independently back in Australia. In this album, the production were lightyears ahead in term of quality and clearness. This is attribute to Karl studying audio engineering in Sydney and implementing his knowledge and skills in their second project. They were now a 3 piece band as something went south with their relationship with Din. Musicwise it is more focus and coherent. The guitar sound is not particularly heavy but it served the songs and fit the type of soloist that were Karl. Some of the songs dated back before the 3 of them even moved back to Malaysia. The vocal delivery on this album were more stable because compared to Image Of Purity the vocal capturing in IOP was a bit weak. On this album, Sam vocals really cut through the mix like a jackhammer hammering through a concrete wall. His raspy vocal and sometimes low guttural kinda resemble death metal that also became popular in the early 90s. All the guitar solos were top notch and really fit the songs well as it with Karl incorporating some of malay's influence melodic line in the solos. His solos got the taste of Randy Rhoads and Yngwie Malmsteen. Miji's drumming also contributed to the powerful sound force. It kinda had a different technique if compared to other thrash drummer as when he executing a fast beat, his hi-hat is following the kick drum rather than doing a 16note. He also sometimes used a powerful mid paced double bass kick.

Kronologi Cromok
Image of Purity
Forever In Time
Yours Truly

Senarai LaguSunting

  1. "Memories" - 5:48
  2. "Colour Of Truth" - 3:26
  3. "Seedling" - 4:08
  4. "I Don't Belong Here" - 6:00
  5. "Obsessed" - 4:49
  6. "Misery" - 5:06
  7. "The Other" - 6:08
  8. "Another You" - 4:33


  • Sam - Vokal, Bass
  • Karl - Gitar
  • Miji - Dram