Gen Matsuda (February 11, 1984) is a Japanese serial entrepreneur, investor, resilience management researcher and educator. He is the president and representative director of OKWAVE Co. Ltd., Asia regional advisor to the American Conservative Union (ACU), president of Sogeisha Ltd., a member of the board of directors for SAMURAI & J PARTNERS Co. Ltd. (formerly digital design Inc.), representative director for AsZ group holdings, Inc. and lecturer at Musashino Gakuin University.

Gen Matsuda
Gen Matsuda
Kelahiran (1984-02-11) 11 Februari 1984 (umur 36)
Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
PekerjaanCEO OK Blockchain Centre Sdn Bhd

President OKWAVE Co. Ltd

Blockchain Advisor American Conservative Union(ACU)



●    Born on February 11 in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Matsuda's legal domicile is Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture.


●    Matsuda was enrolled into a private school, Buso Junior High School in April, but dropped out soon after and transferred to Kamakura City Iwase Junior High.


●    He dropped out again in senior high after just three days in another private school.


●    Matsuda passed Japan's university entrance qualification test, then travels to Mountain View, California, USA for personal growth.


●    He entered Waseda University School of Commerce in April and meets business leaders through internships, Matsuda was founder and executive of various student ventures.


●    Established Abillion Co. Ltd. which was later sold.


●    Matsuda founded AsZ group holdings, Inc. in February slightly before graduating.[1]

●   Graduated from Waseda University Business School in March.


●    Established Cyclomarketing Co. Ltd. and helmed it as director.


●    Appointed representative director of newly incorporated AsZ group holdings, Inc.

●    On December 7, Matsuda became part-time entrepreneurship lecturer at Kyushu University.[2]


●    Appointed director of Musashino Gakuin University SMB Research Institute in June.[3]


●    Became business communication lecturer at Musashino Gakuin University's faculty of international communication in June.

●    Became lecturer in his own investment group, Alchemist Academy, Heisei Matsushita Village.

●    Took over as director of Digital Design Co. Ltd. (now SAMURAI & J PARTNERS Co. Ltd.) in October. Matsuda acquired 269,100 shares within the company which developed cloud-type services in cooperation with other companies for the "Regional Demonstration Project for Promotion of Hometown and Telework", an initiative by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication as part of the FY2014 supplementary budget. It was implemented in Takahata, Yamagata Prefecture.[4] [5] [6] [7]


●    Became a council member for the Resilience Japan Promotion Council, also a part of the council's working group.

●    Later in April, served as the honorary chairman of the executive committee for the "Second International Peace Concert" sponsored by the Harmony Four Peace Foundation.

●    Matsuda ran for public office in July as an independent. He garnered 7,966 votes in the race to become Mayor of Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture.[8]

●    He also chaired a panel discussion as part of the "combining business and design" symposium at the WASEDA-EDGE Human Resources Development Program.[9]

●    In November, Matsuda was appointed as representative director of DD investment Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Digital Design Co. Ltd., which among other things, curated local government design (kabujichi concept) e.g.[10] The acquaintance of time, by Takashi Sugiyama SIIIS Co. Ltd., the original Saga Prefecture Takeo of length Hiwatashi Keisuke Ragairu.[11] It supported establishment of the Kabjichi Consortium General Foundation, Miyaki-cho Ltd., Jinjiang-cho Yuki Co. Ltd. and Welcome to Iseto Co. Ltd.


●    Matsuda attends Japan's House of Representatives Budget Committee hearing and provides opinions on the Bank of Japan's monetary policy and possible risks and countermeasures for the future.

●    In July, he lectured at the regional creation seminar, "Creating Community Resilience 3" on the recommendation of Resilience Management aired by HarajukuTV.

●    He also lectured part-time at Kyushu University in December.[12]


●    Matsuda resigns from the position of director at Digital Design Inc. on March 6. and on March 17 Digital Design announced withdrawal from the "Kabujichi concept" project.

●    Subsequently joined OKWAVE Co. Ltd. as an executive advisor on June 1, he expanded OKWAVE's business via new opportunities in blockchain, through collaborations and financial and business planning, he also created e-commerce synergy using Sogo Co. Ltd.'s content model.[13]

●    In September OKWAVE Co. Ltd. appointed Matsuda as director and chief blockchain officer.[14]

●    In the same month, Tokyo District Court filed a temporary disposition on the deletion of articles containing various suspicions on Matsuda. Tokyo District Court Civil Code 9th Section (Yo) No. 2834 Posted Article Delete Temporary Disposal Order Claim Case (Creditor Yuan Yuan, Debtor Access Journal).

●    The case was settled in December by partial revision of the text and the publication of a dissertation by Matsuda.[15] [16]

●    Matsuda also kickoff the NEO Blockchain contest in December.


●    Participated in a panel discussion at Vietnam Blockchain Week 2018 in March.[17]

●    Virtual currency Wowbit (operated by Wowoo) whose business development & technical support was mainly conducted by OKWAVE was listed on an exchange (by a foreign virtual currency exchange company) on May 15.[18] [19] [20]

●    On the 25th of July, Matsuda was made the president and representative director of OK Wave Co. Ltd.[21]

●    Then on the 26th of the following month, Matsuda shared the stage with Japanese Land, Infrastructure and Transport deputy minister, Tsukasa Akimoto and Financial Services Agency Comprehensive Policy Bureau deputy, Jun Mizuguchi on a panel discussion at a blockchain exchange meeting. Also, in attendance was Takuya Hirai, chairman of Japan's House of Representatives IT strategy task force and VIPs from China.[22]

●    In September, Matsuda was appointed as blockchain adviser to an affiliate organization of the ACU (American Conservative Union).[23]

Media AppearancesSunting


●    Appeared in the April edition of the Asahi Shimbun Digital.[24]

●    Appeared in the June edition of Diamond Online.[25]

●    Matsuda also appeared in an episode of "Making a sales representative" in December.[26]


●    Received coverage by President Online.[27] [28] [29]


●    Appeared live on TV-Asahi morning show to talk about "employment and young people" on September 27.[30]


●    Appeared on Tokyo MX's "Future Prospect-Gathering of top leaders" in February.[31]

●    Appeared on October Saga Shimbun LIVE.[32]


●    Appeared on the April edition of Saga Shimbun LIVE.[33]

●    Appeared on the December edition of Saga Shimbun LIVE.[34]


●    Matsuda appeared on the February edition of IT media business.[35]

●    Got another slot at Saga Shimbun LIVE.[36]

●    Matsuda went on-air at Radio NIKKEI on Kiyoshita Seikatsu's Finding Promising Growth Companies program on the 24th of April.[37]

●    Matsuda's talk on the future of virtual currency was published on the "God of Bitcoin".[38] [39] [40]

●    His exclusive interview with Venture Times jp concerning the future of the virtual currency that the creator of OKWAVE x Wowoo talks about was published on the site.[41]

●    Coverage by App times, titled Bitcoin Jesus three-party talks.[42]

●    Coverage by Newswitch jp, "the 310 new presidents of listed companies in the first half of 2018 and the youngest amongst them are two 34-year-olds."[43]

●    Appeared on BSfuji TV.[44]


●    The Challenges of Young Entrepreneurs 15 Jumping Up (2009, Brain Works) ISBN 978-4-7782-0103-6

●    Work technique that the annual 800 yen freeter changes to annual income 10 million yen in 3 years (2012, KADOKAWA) ISBN 978-4-04-602785-6

●    Discard 90% of troubles (2015, KADOKAWA) ISBN 978-4-04-601193-0

●    How to walk at the end of the world (2016, Futaba) ISBN 978-4-575-31122-8

●    Recommendation for Resilience Management (2016, Japan Institute of Community Studies) ISBN 978-4-89022-188-2

●    Entrepreneurship that the 800 yen hourly freeter turns into an annual income of 100 million yen in three years (2017, KK Long Sellers) ISBN 978-4-8454-2410-8

●    The world is reversed (2017, Sogosha) ISBN 978-4-88144-241-8

●    The rule of the virtual currency new age where good people are not troubled with money (2018, KK Long Sellers) ISBN 978-4-8454-2423-8

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