Image Of Purity
Album studio oleh Cromok
Dikeluarkan pada1990
Dirakam pada1990
GenreThrash Metal
PenerbitCromok/Rob Specogna
Ulasan profesional

It was recorded at Mean Street Studio as an independent released demo. It was recorded by Rob Specogna. This is the first time the band ever attempted to record a proper release. The lineup at this time was Sam/vocal, Karl/guitar, Din/vocals@guitar and Miji/drum. The production were a bit crude and raw in term of quality and clearness. Musicwise it boast malay/nusantara kind of sound style that were total unique and strange thing for Sydney Metal Scene at that time. The guitar sound were not that heavy and it kinda separate to two side which is Din side and Karl side and it is clearly apparent when hearing the album using headphone. Some of the songs dated back to 1987. The vocal delivery on this album were kinda wobbly because the hardware used that were not up to standard. On this album, Sam shared vocal roles with Din for one or two song. All the guitar solos were malay and arabic inspired.Din and Karl both shared shredding solos. Karl solos got the taste of Randy Rhoads and Yngwie Malmsteen while Din solos kinda have a impromptu style and spontaneous. Miji's drumming also contributed to the powerful sound force. The drum sound were raw and reverbless enhancing every attack of the drum. They recorded all the songs without metronome but it was still tight and loose sometimes at the right spot.

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Image Of Purity
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