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[[Image:Arsenal Stadium interior North Bank.jpg|thumb|300px|The North Bank stand, [[Arsenal Stadium]].]]
[[Image:Emirates Stadium under construction.jpg|thumb|right|300px|The [[Emirates Stadium]] under construction.]]
[[Stadium Arsenal]], lebih dikenali sebagai Highbury, adalah rumah kepada Arsenal dari September 1913 hingga 7 May 2006. Stadium yang asal telah dibina oleh seorang arkitek bolasepak yang terkemuka [[Archibald Leitch]], dan mempunyai rekaan serupa dengan kebanyakan padang-padang bolasepak di UK pada masa itu, dengan satu kawasan tempat duduk berbumbung dan tiga kawasan tempat duduk tidak berbumbung and had a design common to many football grounds in the UK at the time, with a single covered stand and three open-air banks ofyang [[stadium|terracingbertingkat]]. InPada thetahun 1930s1930-an, the entirekeseluruhan stadium wastelah givendiubahsuai asecara massive overhaulbesar-besaran,dengan withpembinaan newtempat duduk [[Art Deco]] EastTimur dan andBarat Westyang standsserba constructedbaru, and roofs added to the North Bank and Clock End terraces. At its peak, Highbury could hold over 60,000 spectators, and had a capacity of 57,000 until the early 1990s. The [[Taylor Report]] and [[FA Premier League|Premier League]] regulations forced Arsenal to convert Highbury into an all-seater in 1992, reducing its capacity to 38,500; this capacity had to be reduced further during [[UEFA Champions League|Champions League]] matches to accommodate additional [[advertising]] hoardings. Expansion was restricted because the East Stand had been designated as a Grade II [[listed building]] and the other three stands were close to residential properties whose owners objected to expansion.
These limitations in Highbury's capacity have prevented the club from maximising the revenue that their domestic form could have brought in recent seasons. Although the club remains highly profitable, Arsenal are currently in the process of building the [[Emirates Stadium]], a new 60,000-seater stadium at Ashburton Grove, about 500 metres south-west of Highbury. While this project was delayed by red tape (including final approval of the necessary compulsory purchase orders by [[Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom|Deputy Prime Minister]] [[John Prescott]]) and rising costs, construction is now nearly complete and the stadium is ready for the start of the [[2006-07 in English football|2006–07]] season. The stadium is named after its sponsors, the airline company [[Emirates]], with whom the club signed the largest sponsorship deal in English football history, worth approximately £100 million<ref>{{cite web