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The [[cockpit]] has space for three people, the [[pilot (spaceflight)|pilot]] and two passengers. It maintains a sea-level pressurized breathable atmosphere, so the occupants do not need to wear [[spacesuit]]s. The cockpit is also identical to White Knight, right down the equipment installed, to allow greater testing of the design.
==FlightMod modespenerbangan==
SpaceShipOne fliesterbang indalam threetiga significantmod modesutama: matedbergabung todengan White Knight, glidingmeluncur, anddan rocket-propelledtujahan roket.
Like the Space Shuttle Orbiter, SpaceShipOne is incapable of independent takeoff from the ground, and is also incapable of independently achieving the altitude required to execute a successful spaceflight. For takeoff it is carried under [[Scaled Composites White Knight|White Knight]]. The combination of SpaceShipOne and White Knight can take off, land, and fly under jet power to high altitude.