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|caption=Nintendo's logo, which dates back to the 1980s. The current color was adopted in 2006; the previous red version is still used on some properties.{{cite web|url=|title=Nintendo News:Nintendo switched logos "two years" ago||accessdate=2010-06-01}}
|company_type=[[Public company|Public]]<br />{{Tyo|7974}}<br />[[Osaka Securities Exchange|Osaka SE]]: 7974<br />{{Pinksheets|NTDOY}}<br />{{FWB|NTO}}
|foundation=September 23, 1889<ref name="history NOJ"/>
|location=Original office <br/>[[Kyoto]], Japan <br />
International offices:<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=International Distributors - Company List|publisher=Nintendo|accessdate=2008-11-17}}</ref><br />[[Redmond, Washington]], United States <br /> [[Vancouver|Vancouver, British Columbia]], Canada <br />[[Großostheim]], Germany <br />[[Scoresby, Victoria]], Australia<br />[[Suzhou]], [[People's Republic of China|PRC]]<!--Use PRC, NOT China--> (as [[iQue]], Ltd.)<br /> [[Seoul]], South Korea <br />[[Costa del Este (Panama)|Costa del Este]], [[Panama]] (as Latamel Inc.) <br />[[São Paulo]], [[Brazil]] (as Latamel Inc.) <br />[[Taiwan]], [[Republic of China|ROC]] (via Nintendo Co., Ltd. and Haku Yu)<br />