Perbezaan antara semakan "Duluan kehakiman"

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===Aplikasi pada sistem perundangan Inggeris===
The doctrine of binding precedent or stare decisis is central to the English legal system. A precedent is a statement made of the law by a Judge in deciding a case. The doctrine, states that within the hierarchy of the English courts a decision by a higher court will be binding on those lower than it. This means that when judges try a case they will check to see if a similar case has come before a court previously, and if there was a precedent set by an equal or higher court, then the judge should follow that precedent. If there is a precedent set in a lower court, the judge does not have to follow it, but may consider it. The House of Lords however does not have to follow its own precedents .
The last situation brings about the greatest problem of the precedent system, in that if a higher court overrules a precedent that is quite old, then it is very likely that many cases that have been decided upon that precedent will return to court. Therefore, it becomes increasingly unlikely that a precedent is overruled the older it is.
===Bagaimana para hakim menafsir duluan===