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== Sejarah Moden ==
OriginallyPada theasalnya termjawatan wasini usedmerujuk tokepada referpengerusi tosebuah thejawatankuasa presiding officer of a committee oratau governing body in Greatdi Britain. Later this usageKemudian wasianya applieddigunakan tooleh politicalpemimpin leaderspolitik. Early examples are from the Universities of [[Oxford]] and [[Cambridge]] (from 1464); the founding [[President of the Royal Society]] [[William Brouncker]] in 1660; heads of individual British colonies (originally Virginia in 1608); and chief officers of banks (from 1781).
It was adopted as a title for the "officer in charge of the [[Continental Congress]]" in 1774, [[George Washington]], becoming the first President of a country, the [[President of the United States]] of America.
As other countries followed the [[American revolution]], and deposed their monarchies, it was adopted as the title for the new republican Heads of State. The first European president was the [[President of France]], a post created in the [[Second French Republic|Second Republic]] of [[1848]]. (The [[First French Republic|First Republic]] had begun with no separate executive, then established five [[French Directory|Directors]], and finally echoed the ancient [[Roman Republic]] by appointing three [[consul]]s at its head.)
The first president of an internationally recognized African state was the [[President of Liberia]] in [[1848]].
Today, most [[republic]]s have a President as Head of State.
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