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== Archive ==
# [[/Archive1|Dis 2003]]
# [[/Archive2|Okt 2004]]
== Perbualan ==
=== Browser problems? ===
Hi Yosri!
:Hi... well, the problem was actually on a bahasa Melayu page. See for example [[Bijirin]] and click on the Bulgarian or the Chinese interwiki link (first and last). Or look at the [ diff]. Hey, in fact, since your browser is outdated, why don't you try [ Mozilla Firefox]? It's completely free, after all. -- [[Pengguna:Kowey|Kowey]] 16:07, 14 Okt 2004 (UTC)
=== Archive ===
I just created some archives for you using a third method, the simplest one yet. The basic idea is to cut and paste the wiki code into a subpage like /Archive3. I hope you don't mind. -- [[Pengguna:Kowey|Kowey]] 16:19, 14 Okt 2004 (UTC)