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May be it is my out dated Browser. I take note not to update other Wiki pages. Only bahasa Melayu. Sorry for any harm done.[[Pengguna:Yosri|Yosri]] 15:47, 14 Okt 2004 (UTC) :<
:Hi... well, the problem was actually on a bahasa Melayu page. See for example [[Bijirin]] and click on the Bulgarian or the Chinese interwiki link (first and last). Or look at the [ diff]. Hey, in fact, since your browser is outdated, why don't you try [ Mozilla Firefox]? It's completely free, after all. -- [[Pengguna:Kowey|Kowey]] 16:07, 14 Okt 2004 (UTC)
::I see... what operating system do you run? If it's windows, you might try [ kmeleon] instead; it's light and fast. Otherwise on Linux, there are many lightweight browsing options which are more up to date. Also, for the problem with the sidebar, you should considering checking your preferences and taking an older skin. -- [[Pengguna:Kowey|Kowey]] 17:32, 14 Okt 2004 (UTC)
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