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== Apa itu portal? ==
{{further|[[Wikipedia:WhatApa is a featureditu portal?|What is a featured portalpilihan?]]}}
Konsep portal ini berasal dari Wikipedia Polish dan Jerman. Sejak 2005, konsep portal ini membawa masuk ke dalam Wikipedia Inggeris dan kali pertama menjadi ''Wikiportal'' apabila ditubuhkan. Setahun kemudian, ia ditukar nama kepada Wikipedia:Portal.
The concept of a portal originated in the Polish and German Wikipedias. In early 2005, the portal concept was imported to the English Wikipedia and the first ''Wikiportals'' were established. Later that year, a [[Wikipedia:Portal namespace (setting-up debate)|special namespace]] (Portal:) was created for portals.
The idea of a portal is to help readers and/or editors manoeuvre their way through Wikipedia topic areas through pages similar to the [[Main Page]]. In essence, portals are useful entry-points to Wikipedia content.
== Bagaimana menjumpai portal ==
==How to find portals==
AllSemua portalsportal shouldharus bedisenaraikan listed at thedi '''[[Wikipedia:Portal/DirectoryPanduan|directory ofpanduan portalsportal]]''', which also details their founding dates and who you can contact with regards to a particular portal. If you have created a portal, you ''must'' list it here. [[Portal:Browse]] lists all portals of decent quality.
Portals are also largely inter-accessible, with users able to navigate from one portal to another. Universal features such as the [[Template:Browsebar|browsebar]], which links to top-level portals, and the [[Template:Portals|portals template]], which links to [[Portal:Browse]], allow for convenient browsing. Moreover, portals are also [[:Category:Portals|categorised]] according to hierarchy. Portals in most instances will also link to their ''Related portals'' (those which are lateral to them) and their ''Subportals'' (those which descend from them).
In the main namespace, the top-level portals are linked to directly from the [[Main Page]] and individual portals are linked from relevant articles using {{tl|portal}}. These templates should be located at article ends in ''See also'' sections (or equivalents).
==How toBagaimana create amencipta portal ==
There is no single standard design for portals, but the most widely used layout is the "[[Template:box portal skeleton|box portal]]". The use of this design is recommended due to the ease with which it can be created and maintained. For further ideas on portal design, [[Portal:Browse|browse]] existing portals and see the [[Wikipedia:Featured portals|featured portals]]. For step-by-step instructions on how to set up a new portal refer to the '''[[Wikipedia:Portal/Instructions|instructions page]]'''.
== Bagaimana membuat portal yang baik ==
==How to make a good portal==
Most portals contain the following for readers: