Perbezaan antara semakan "Phattalung"

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'''''Talung (ตะลุง)''''' It is a popular folk performance in the South. Talung puppet figures are made of hard dried sheets of cattle hide cut and carved beautifully into characters for a shadow play. The characters are usually painted wholly in black and each of them is put firmly between a split bamboo slat called ‘Mai Tap.’ A character’s mouth and hands will be moved to accord with the narration. A Talung ensemble comprises puppet masters who are also vocalists, and a band, totalling not over 8 persons. The musical instruments include pipe, drum, Phon (a kind of local drum) and gong.
'''''Perayaan menonton Burung Thale Noi Bird-watching Festival''''' Itbermula waspada initiated intahun 1998 assebagai ansatu extraaktiviti activitytambahan forsemasa theTahun AmazingMelawat Thailand Year, and designeddan todirancang suitbagi thememadankan mosttarikan importantpaling attractionpenting ofdi Phatthalung.
'''''Tradisi Khaeng Phon Lak Phra oratau Chak Phra Tradition (งานประเพณีแข่งโพนลากพระหรือชักพระ)''''' It is held on the fourteenth day of the waxing moon, the full moon day and the first day of the waning moon in the eleventh lunar month, which coincides with the End of Buddhist Lent. It is a tradition to move around Buddha images both by land and by river. In Phatthalung, it is observed by land. Beating Phon or local drum controls the movement of a Buddha image procession. Each procession representing a temple has its own drum beaters. When two processions meet, they exchange a challenging tune of drum beating. A Phon beating competition is, therefore, held every year at the Phatthalung Stadium and Hat Saen Suk Lampam (Lampam Beach), Amphoe Mueang Phatthalung. Activities in the event include a Phon beating contest by representatives from temples in Phatthalung and neighbouring provinces, a Phon procession contest, a Phon beating style contest, dancing performances, Sat Tom (throwing a traditional dessert made of sticky rice wrapped with a young leaf of Kapho or mangrove fan palm), a Buddha image procession contest, religious rites, water sports on the Lampam Lake, local arts and exhibition of Phatthalung and nearby provinces, such as Krachut or bulrush mat weaving and coconut shell products.