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I use the license because it did not get a free license. Besides from the source site is not listed on the excessive use of copyright that I value quite safe. In WBI also I use the same license at the moment and it seems we agree to approve it. Sorry if my language is less precise because it uses the Google translation translate. Sincerely. [[Pengguna:Wagino 20100516|Wagino 20100516]] ([[Perbincangan Pengguna:Wagino 20100516|bincang]]) 00:57, 9 Ogos 2011 (UTC)
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Hi, you can now delete [[:File:UGM.jpg]]. I'll replace it with a Commons file ([[:File:Gadjah Mada HeadOffice.jpg]]). Thx! [[Pengguna:Farras|Farras]] ([[Perbincangan Pengguna:Farras|bincang]]) 17:13, 10 Ogos 2011 (UTC)