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== Metric systems other than the modern (SI) ==
=== The original French system ===
The original French system somewhat continued the tradition of having separate base units for geometrically related dimensions, i.e. [[metre]] for lengths, [[are]]<!-- indeed, it is ''are'', not ''acre'', which comes from the same root as ''area'' --> (100 m²) for areas, [[stere]] (1 m³) for dry capacities and [[litre]] (1 dm³) for liquid capacities. The [[hectare]], equal to a hundred [[are]]s, which is the area of a square 100 metres on a side (about 2.5 [[acre]]s), is still in use to measure fields.
The base unit of mass is the [[kilogram]]. This is the only base unit that has a prefix, for historical reasons. Originally the kilogram was called the "grave", and the "gramme" was an alternative name for a thousandth of a grave. After the French Revolution, the word "grave" carried negative connotations, as a synonym for the title "count". The grave was renamed the kilogram []. This also serves as the prototype in the [[SI]]. It included only few [[SI prefix|prefixes]] from [[milli]], one thousandth to ''myria'' ten thousand.