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Each [[Ethernet]] network interface has a unique MAC address which is usually stored in a small memory device on the card, allowing any device to connect to the network without creating an address conflict. Ethernet MAC addresses are composed of six [[Octet (computing)|octets]]. Uniqueness is maintained by the [[Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers|IEEE]], which manages the Ethernet address space by assigning 3-octet prefixes to equipment manufacturers. The [ list of prefixes] is publicly available. Each manufacturer is then obliged to both use only their assigned prefix(es) and to uniquely set the 3-octet suffix of every Ethernet interface they produce.
===RepeatersPengulang anddan hubspaksi===
Pengulang merupakan peribadi peranti yang menerima isyarat, membersihkan dari hingar yang tidak dikehendaki, menghasilkannya semula, dan memancar kembali dengan tahap kuasa lebih kuat, atau pada sebelah halangan, agar isyarat boleh dihantar pada jarak lebih jauh tanpa merosot.
A [[repeater]] is an [[Electronics|electronic]] device that receives a [[signal (information theory)|signal]], cleans it of unnecessary noise, regenerates it, and [[retransmission (data networks)|retransmit]]s it at a higher power level, or to the other side of an obstruction, so that the signal can cover longer distances without degradation. In most twisted pair Ethernet configur
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