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===Mengikut tempat===
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* [[Sparta]]'s King [[Archidamus II]] is succeeded by his son [[Agis II]].
* Following the surrender of [[Mytilene]] to [[Athens]], the Athenian leader [[Cleon]] insists that the city be destroyed. In response to the pleadings of a number of Athenian citizens, Cleon’s decree to destroy the population of Mytilene is reversed with only the ringleaders of the Mytilenean revolt being executed.
* [[Plataea]] surrenders to the Spartans and [[Thebes, Greece|Thebans]] after its garrison comes close to death from starvation. Over 200 prisoners are put to death and Plataea is destroyed.
* The civil war in [[Corcyra]], in which the Athenians and the Spartans have interfered ineffectually, results in a victory of the democrats (who support an alliance with Athens) over the oligarchs.
* In an effort to blockade Sparta from access to [[Sicily|Sicilian]] corn, [[Athens]] responds to a plea for help from a delegation from the city of [[Leontini]] led by [[Gorgias]], the sophist and rhetorician. Leontini is being threatened by [[Syracuse, Sicily|Syracuse]] which is allied to Sparta. However, the Athenian mission led by the Athenian general [[Laches (person)|Laches]] is unable to offer much help. Laches is later prosecuted by Cleon for his unsuccessful mission to support Athenian interests in Sicily.
====Republik Rom====
* Jawatan [[kuestor]] terbuka kepada semua orang [[marhaen]].
* [[Plato]], [[ahli falsafah]] [[Yunani]] (maut k.k. [[347 SM]])
* [[Archidamus II]], raja [[Sparta]]
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