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===Mengikut tempat===
====Empayar Parsi====
{{portal|Iran (Parsi)|Flag of Iran.svg}}
* [[Xerxes II]] memerintah sebagai raja [[Empayar Parsi|Parsi]] hanya selama kira-kira 45 hari sehingga dibunuh. Baginda dilaporkan dibunuh semasa dalam keadaan mabuk oleh Pharnacyas dan Menostanes atas perintah [[Secydianus]] (atau [[Sogdianus]]), putera kepada salah satu gundik [[Artaxerxes I]], Alogyne dari [[Babylon]].
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* The statesman, [[Hermocrates]] of Syracuse, persuades the cities of [[Sicily]] to agree to make peace and urges the exclusion of foreign powers. As a result, the three-year war between his city and Sicily's pro-Athenian towns ends and the [[Athens|Athenian]] forces, which had been sent to Sicily to support Greek settlements, are forced to withdraw.
* [[Demosthenes]] and [[Hippocrates]] attempt to capture [[Megara]], but they are defeated by the [[Sparta|Spartans]] under their general [[Brasidas]]. Demosthenes then marches to [[Naupactus]] to assist in a democratic revolution, and to gather troops for an invasion of [[Boeotia]]. However, Demosthenes and Hippocrates are unable to coordinate their attacks and Hippocrates is defeated at the [[Battle of Delium]] by [[Pagondas]] of [[Thebes, Greece|Thebes]]. During the battle, [[Socrates]] is said to have saved the life of [[Alcibiades]]. Demosthenes attacks [[Sicyon]] and is defeated as well.
* After he frustrates the Athenian attack on Megara, Brasidas marches through Boeotia and [[Thessaly]] to [[Chalcidice]] at the head of 700 [[helots]] and 1000 Peloponnesian mercenaries to join the Macedonian king [[Perdiccas II]]. Refusing to be made a tool for the furtherance of Perdiccas' ambitions, Brasidas wins over the important cities of [[Acanthus]], [[Stagirus]], [[Amphipolis]] and [[Torone]] as well as a number of minor towns. An attack on [[Eion]] is foiled by the arrival of [[Thucydides]] at the head of an Athenian squadron.
* Brasidas’ capture of the city of Amphipolis, is a major reverse for [[Athens]] for which the Athenian general (and future historian) Thucydides is held responsible and banished. This gives Thucydides the opportunity for undistracted study for his [[History of the Peloponnesian War|History]] and for travel and wider contacts, especially on the Peloponnesian side ([[Sparta]] and its allies).
* [[Cleon]] menawan pulau Peloponnesus di [[Cythera]], dan mempergunakannya untuk memporak-perandakan tentera Sparta.
===Mengikut topik===
* Drama ''[[Oedipus si Raja|Oedipus Rex]]'' oleh [[Sophocles]] dipersembahkan.
====Seni bina====
* Candi kepada dewi [[Athena Nike]] (juga sebagai Kemenangan Tanpa Sayap) di [[Akropolis]], Athens, disiapakan. Candi itu direka bentuk oleh [[Callicrates]], arkitek Athens.
* [[Xerxes II]], raja [[Empayar Parsi|Parsi]]
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