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===Mengikut tempat===
====Empayar Parsi====
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* [[Cyrus the Younger]] uses a quarrel with [[Tissaphernes]] over the [[Ionia]]n cities as a pretext for gathering a large army and also pretends to prepare an expedition to [[Pisidia]], in the [[Taurus Mountains]]. Cyrus starts out with about 20,000 men, of whom around 10,000 were [[Ancient Greece|Greek]] [[mercenaries]]. When he reaches the [[Euphrates River]] at [[Thapsacus]], he announces that he is marching against [[Artaxerxes II]]. He advances unopposed into [[Babylonia]]; but Artaxerxes, warned at the last moment by Tissaphernes, hastily gathers an army. The two forces meet at the [[Battle of Cunaxa]], north of Babylon, where Cyrus is slain.
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* The Greek mercenaries fighting for Cyrus are left stranded after Cyrus’ defeat. They fight their way north through hostile Persians, Armenians, and Kurds to Trapezus on the coast of the Black Sea under [[Xenophon]], who becomes their leader when the Persian [[satrap]], Tissaphernes has [[Clearchus of Sparta]] and the other senior Greek captains captured and executed by Artaxerxes.
* [[Agesilaus II]] becomes king of [[Sparta]] on the death of his step-brother [[Agis II]].
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*[[Zhou An Wang]] menjadi raja [[Dinasti Zhou (1122 SM - 256 SM)|Dinasti Zhou]] di [[China]].
===Mengikut topik===
* Drama tragedi ''[[Oedipus at Colonus]]'' oleh [[Sophocles]] dipersembahkan selepas kematiannya. Ia diterbitkan oleh cucunya (juga dinamai Sophocles) dalam Perayaan [[Dionysus]] di [[Athens]].
* [[Agis II]], raja [[Eurypontid]] [[Sparta]]
* [[Clearchus dari Sparta|Clearchus]], jeneral dan [[askar upahan]] [[Sparta]]
* [[Cyrus si Lebih Muda]], putera lebih muda kepada Darius II, raja Parsi
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