Perbezaan antara semakan "Liberalisme klasikal"

Liberalism di Amerika Syarikat telah mengambil satu langkah yang pragmatik sebagai tindakbalas terhadap [[revolusi industri]]. Semasa zaman [[Thomas Jefferson]], ekonomi [[laissez faire]] telah diterima sebagai satu dasar liberal untuk mengecapi kesaksamaan terhadap peluang untuk semua. [[Arthur Schlesinger Jr.]] berpendapat bahawa
{{cquote|...when the growing complexity of industrial conditions required increasing government intervention in order to assure more equal opportunities, the liberal tradition, faithful to the goal rather than to the dogma, altered its view of the state ... there emerged the conception of a social welfare state, in which the national government had the express obligation to maintain high levels of employment in the economy, to supervise standards of life and labor, to regulate the methods of business competition, and to establish comprehensive patterns of social security.<ref>Schelesinger Jr., Arthur. [ ''Liberalism in America: A Note for Europeans''] fromdari ''The Politics of Hope'', Riverside Press, Boston, 1962</ref>}}