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airline=هواپیمائی جمهوری اسلامی ایران <br/>''Havapeyma'i-ye Jomhūrī-ye Eslāmī-ye Īrān'' <br/>Penerbangan Republik Islam Iran|
*[[December 25]], [[1952]]; Iran Air [[Douglas]] [[DC-3]]; [[Tehran]], [[Iran]]: 27 fatalities and two survivors
*[[January 21]], [[1980]]; Iran Air [[Boeing 727|Boeing 727-86]]; near [[Tehran]], [[Iran]]: The aircraft hit high ground in a snowstorm during the approach to land. All eight crew members and 120 passengers were killed.
*On [[3 July]], [[1988]], [[Iran Air Flight 655]] was flying over the [[Persian Gulf]] on its way to [[Dubai]] from [[Bandar Abbas]]. The ''[[USS Vincennes (CG-49)|USS Vincennes]]'', a U.S. Navy cruiser equipped with the most sophisticated radar and electronic battle gear, claimed to mistake the airliner for an Iranian [[F-14 Tomcat]]. When the aircrew failed to respond to a message on a channel they were not supposed to be monitoring, the cruiser shot the airliner down with a missile killing all 16 crew and 274 passengers. The United States called the incident a tragic mistake. [[Newsweek]] published a long article ( “Sea of Lies”, [[July 13]], [[1992]]) that largely blamed Capt. Will Rogers, the Vincennes' [[commander]].
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