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===ExampleContoh 1Satu: Solid, liquid, and gas phases===
[[Water]] (H<sub>2</sub>O) is composed of water [[molecule]]s, each of which is an [[oxygen]] [[atom]] attached to two [[hydrogen]] atoms. At [[room temperature]], the molecules are packed closely together, and interact weakly. They do not stick together, and are able to slide past one another like the sand grains in an [[hourglass]]. This microscopic behavior of water molecules gives rise to the physical properties of liquid water with which we are all familiar. Because the molecules do not form any rigid structure, water has no fixed shape, and adapts to the shape of any container in which it is placed. Because the molecules are very close to one another, water resists [[Physical compression|compression]]; try squeezing a [[water balloon]], and you will find that it is practically impossible to reduce its volume, unlike an ordinary air balloon.