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[[Ashkenazi]] Jews have traditionally been drawn to business and academia (see [[Secular Jewish culture#Science and Academia|Secular Jewish culture]] for some of the causes), and have made major contributions in science, economics, and the humanities. Of American [[Nobel Prize]] winners, 37% have been Jewish Americans (19 times the percentage of Jews in the population), as have been 71% of the [[John Bates Clark Medal]] winners (thirty-five times the Jewish percentage). While Jewish Americans only constitute roughly 2.5% of the U.S. population, they occupied 7.7% of board seats at U.S. corporations.<ref name="Mother Jones, the Changing Power Elite, 1998">{{cite web|url=http://www.motherjones.com/news/feature/1998/03/zweigenhaft.html|title=Mother Jones, the Changing Power Elite, 1998|accessdate=2007-01-20}}</ref>
==Distribusi Yahudi Amerika==
==Distribution of Jewish-Americans==
AccordingMenurut toPusat theKajian Glenmary Research Center, whichyangt publishesmenerbitkan Religious Congregations and Membership indi theAmerika United StatesSyarikat [http://www.thearda.com/mapsReports/], the 100 counties anddan [[independent cities]] inpada 2000 withdengan themasyarakat-masyarakat largestYahudi Jewishyang communitiesterbesar, based by percentageberdasarkan ofperatusan totaljumlah populationpenduduk, wereadalah:
<div style="font-size:90%;">
! County
! JewishPenduduk</br>populationYahudi !! %<br/>of totalJumlahnya
| 1 ||align="left"| [[Rockland County, New York]]
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