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tiada ringkasan suntingan
Tiada ringkasan suntingan
Tiada ringkasan suntingan
'''Daerah Yeongdeungpo''' merupakan sebuah [[daerah]] (gu) yang terletak di kawasan [[Seoul]], [[Korea Selatan]].
<!--'''Yeongdeungpo District (Yeongdeungpo-gu)''' is an administrative district in southwest [[Seoul]], [[South Korea]]. Although the origin of the name is uncertain, the first two syllables are thought to be from "''yeongdeung''" (靈登) or "divine ascent", a [[Korean shamanism|shamanic]] rite.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://tour.ydp.go.kr/culture/culture_03_01.asp?cul_type=1&cul_id=10058|title=동 명칭 및 주요 옛지명 유래|work=Yeongdeungpo-gu government Korean-language tourism website|accessdate=2006-04-07}}</ref> The third syllable is "''po''", representing water (浦), referring to the district's position on the [[Han River (Korea)|Han River]]. The 2006 population was 408,819. The current magistrate is [[Kim Hyung-Su]].
There are 22 administrative [[Subdivisions of South Korea|"dong"]] and 34 legal [[Subdivisions of South Korea|"dong"]]. [[Yeouido]] Dong is the largest in area and takes about 34% of the land. The total area is 24.56&nbsp;km² (2004), making up 4% of Seoul's land. The annual budget is approximately 2 billion won.
Yeongdeungpo District has been heavily developed as an office, commercial, and residential district. Yeouido Dong is home to [[DLI 63 Building]], the highest office building in [[South Korea]] and currently the 3rd tallest building in the country. The [[National Assembly Building]] is located in [[Yeouido|Yeouido-dong]]. Other organisations, such as the Financial Union of Korea are also based in Yeongdeungpo. There are also mass-media corporations in the area, including; [[Kookmin Ilbo|Kookmin Newspaper Corporation]]; [[Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation]] and [[Korean Broadcasting System]].
January 1, 1963, Some areas of Bucheon County were combined to Yeongdeungpo District as below.
{| class="wikitable"
! colspan=2, style="width:50%"| Old district !! colspan=2, style="width:50%"|New district
| Ojeong myeon || Ogok-ri and Osoe-ri || rowspan=2| Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul || rowspan=2| Ogok-ri, Osoe-ri, Hang-ri, Onsu-ri, Gung-ri, Cheonwang-ri, Oryu-ri, Gaebong-ri and Gocheok-ri
| Sosa-eup || Hang-ri, Onsu-ri, Gung-ri, Cheonwang-ri, Oryu-ri, Gaebong-ri and Gocheok-ri
[[File:LG Twin Towers.jpg|thumb|[[LG Corp.]] international headquarters]]
[[File:Seoul-Yeouido.at.dawn-01.jpg|thumb|[[63 Building]] at dawn]]
Among the 291 head offices of financial institutions located in Seoul, 93 are based in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo. Notably, 42 out of 68 asset management companies and 8 out of 11 futures companies have their head offices in Yeouido.<ref>{{cite news|title=Yeouido International Finance Center|url=http://english.seoul.go.kr/db/kcp/sez4.php|accessdate=28 Sep 2012|newspaper=Seoul Metropolitan Government Ilbo}}</ref> These include [[Mirae Asset Group]], [[Korea Life Insurance]], [[Daewoo Securities|KDB]], [[Korea Investment Holdings]] and many more. [[Korea Exchange]] was originally located in Yeouido, but it moved to Busan in 2009. [[Korea Financial Investment Association]] is still based in Yeouido.
Other notable companies based in Yeongdeungpo include [[Lotte Confectionery]], [[Hanjin|Hanjin Shipping]],<ref>"[http://www.hanjin.co.kr/English_html/aboutus/hjgroup.jsp Company Info]." ''[[Hanjin]]''. Retrieved on November 19, 2008</ref> [[LG Corp.]],<ref>"[http://www.lg.com/global/about-lg/corporate-information/at-a-glance/overview.jsp Overview]." [[LG Corp.]] Retrieved on January 6, 2010. "Address: LG Twin Towers, 20 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-721, KOREA"</ref> and [[Keoyang Shipping]] are headquartered in [[Yeouido-dong]] in Yeongdeungpo District.
The [[Korean Broadcasting System]] (KBS) New Wing Open Hall is located in Yeouido-dong. It is the broadcast and recording centre of many KBS programmes with a [[studio audience]], namely the live weekly music show ''[[Music Bank (TV series)|Music Bank]]''.<ref>{{cite web|title=How to apply for K-Pop Music Shows|url=http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/CU/CU_EN_8_7_2_1.jsp|work=Korea Tourism Organization|accessdate=3 June 2012}}</ref>-->
==Pembahagian pentadbiran==
[[File:Seoul-Wonhyo Bridge-01.jpg|thumb|Wonhyo Bridge in Yeouido]]
Yeongdeungpo District is divided into the following "''dong''"s.
*[[Dangsan-dong]] ([[Hangul]]: 당산동) (divided in turn into Dangsan 1 and 2 Dong)
*[[Daerim-dong]] ([[Hangul]]: 대림동) (divided in turn into Daerim 1, 2, and 3 Dong)
*[[Dorim-dong]] ([[Hangul]]: 도림동) (Dorim 1 and 2 Dong had been combined in September 2008)
*[[Mullae-dong]] ([[Hangul]]: 문래동) (divided in turn into Mullae 1 and 2 Dong)
*[[Singil-dong]] ([[Hangul]]: 신길동) (divided in turn into Singil 1 to 7 Dong)
*[[Yangpyeong-dong]] ([[Hangul]]: 양평동) (divided in turn into Yangpyeong 1 and 2 Dong)
*[[Yeongdeungpo-dong]] ([[Hangul]]: 영등포동) (divided in turn into Yeongdeungpo-dong and Yeongdeungpobon-dong)
*[[Yeouido-dong]] ([[Hangul]]: 여의도동)
;*[[Seoul Subway Line 1]]
;;;([[Dongjak-gu]]) ← [[Daebang Station|Daebang]] — [[Singil Station|Singil]] — [[Yeongdeungpo Station|Yeongdeungpo]] → ([[Guro-gu]])
*[[Seoul Metro]]
;*[[Seoul Subway Line 2]] Euljiro Circle Line
;;;([[Guro-gu]]) ← [[Mullae Station|Mullae]] — [[Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station|Yeongdeungpo-gu Office]] — [[Dangsan Station|Dangsan]] → ([[Mapo-gu]])
*[[Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation]]
;*[[Seoul Subway Line 5]]
;;;([[Yangcheon-gu]]) ← [[Yangpyeong Station|Yangpyeong]] — [[Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Station|Yeongdeungpo-gu Office]] — [[Yeongdeungpo Market Station|Yeongdeungpo Market]] — [[Singil Station|Singil]] — [[Yeouido Station|Yeouido]] — [[Yeouinaru Station|Yeouinaru]] → ([[Mapo-gu]])
;*[[Seoul Subway Line 7]]
;;;([[Dongjak-gu]]) ← [[Boramae Station|Boramae]] — [[Sinpung Station|Sinpung]] — [[Daerim Station|Daerim]] → ([[Guro-gu]])
*Seoul Metro Line 9 Corporation
;*[[Seoul Subway Line 9]]
;;;([[Yangcheon-gu]]) ← [[Seonyudo Station|Seonyudo]] — [[Dangsan Station|Dangsan]] — [[National Assembly Station|National Assembly]] — [[Yeouido Station|Yeouido]] — [[Saetgang Station|Saetgang]] → ([[Dongjak-gu]])-->
==Bandaraya kembar==
{{Citation needed|date=November 2008}}
*{{flagicon|South Korea}} [[Cheongyang]], [[Korea Selatan]]
*{{flagicon|China}} [[Dezhou]], [[Republik Rakyat China]]
*{{flagicon|South Korea}} [[Goseong (Gyeongsangnam-do)|Goseong]], [[Korea Selatan]]
*{{flagicon|Japan}} [[Kishiwada, Osaka|Kishiwada]], [[Jepun]]
*{{flagicon|China}} [[Daerah Mentougou ]], [[Republik Rakyat China]]
*{{flagicon|South Korea}} [[Yeongam]], [[Korea Selatan ]]
<!--==See also==
*[[Geography of South Korea]]
*[[Subdivisions of South Korea]]
*[[Seoul#Administrative divisions|Administrative divisions of Seoul]]-->
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