Mazhab Gereja England: Perbezaan antara semakan

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{{Infobox Anglican Church
|show_name = Church of England
|image = [[Image:Logo of the Church of England.svg|220px|center|The Church of England badge is copyright  The Archbishops' Council, 2000.]]
|supremegovernor = [[Elizabeth II]]
|primate = [[Justin Welby]], [[Archbishop of Canterbury]]
|main_classification = [[Anglican]]
|orientation = [[Anglican]]
|polity = [[Episcopal polity|Episcopal]]
<!--Pending citation-needed in article's opening paragraph below:
|founder = [[Augustine of Canterbury]]
|founded_date = AD 597
|separated_from = [[Roman Catholic Church]]
|founded_place = England
|headquarters = {{nowrap|[[Church House, Westminster|Church House]]<br />Great Smith Street<br />London SW1P 3AZ<br />United Kingdom}}
|territory = England<br />[[Isle of Man]]{{·}}[[Channel Islands]]<br />[[Gibraltar]]{{·}}[[Continental Europe]]
|population = 27&nbsp;million baptised members<ref>{{cite news |url= |location=London |work=The Times |first=Ruth |last=Gledhill |title=Catholics set to pass Anglicans as leading UK church |date=15 February 2007}}</ref>
|website = []
'''Gereja England''' atau '''Gereja Anglikan''' merupakan mazhab rasmi Kristian di England dan diketuai oleh monarki Inggeris.