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The word halus means gentle, refined, or noble. Once upon a time, the Orang Halus were regarded as angels, or at least "good fairies." When Manusia (humankind) became more and more kasar (coarse or ignoble) and began desecrating nature, the Halus felt offended, as they had to keep moving into the subtler dimensions. These days the Temuan are generally afraid of the mischief a bunch of disgruntled Halus can do. They tell stories about people who suffer terrible mishaps or die suddenly of incurable jungle fevers soon after they did something offensive to the Halus. (Many years ago, a public works department worker ignored warnings about a huge yellow rock in the Selangor River. He proceeded to carry out some engineering operation on the rock. Within minutes he was feeling delirious with fever, and within hours he was dead. The yellow rock, apparently, was a popular Halus hangout. No one has dared disturb it since.)