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== Hi ==
Good day Graphium, thanks for the welcome :). It's been a good break though it's made me a bit rusty with the ''selok-belok'' (corners and turns) of Wikipedia. How were the exams? (I expect you to do well, you're smart). Catch up soon. [[Pengguna:Algazel|<tt>--Algazel</tt>]] <sup>[[Perbincangan pengguna:Algazel|<tt>(hubung)</tt>]]</sup> 23:56, 4 Mei 2014 (UTC)
== Commons rename request #5 ==
I am requesting a rename on Commons. My current Commons name is Arctic Kangaroo. [[User:Graphium|<span style="color:black">Gra</span>]][[User talk:Graphium|<span style="color:blue">phi</span>]][[Special:Contributions/Graphium|<span style="color:red">um</span>]] 12:57, 11 Mei 2014 (UTC)