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Hey there, I'm '''Graphium''' from {{flagicon|Singapore}} [[:en:Singapore|Singapore]].
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== Objectives ==
Hey there, I'm '''Graphium''' from {{flagicon|Singapore}} [[:en:Singapore|Singapore]]. I'm currently a Year 1 student studying the [[:en:Integrated Programme|IP]] at [[:en:Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)|Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)]] ['''ACS(I)''']. I'm Chinese by race, so I'm only able to speak some basic Malay as I'm only learning it as interest. However, I now can only learn it occasionally as I'm focusing more on French, another language of my interest. Being a nature lover, I enjoy going to nature areas in Singapore, and the countrysides in other countries. I have special interest in butterflies, and like shooting them. Birds is my secondary hobby, and I also do enjoy photographing them when I have the chance. I mainly contribute to English Wikipedia, where I assist in fighting vandalism and writing articles and content. But I'm blocked there for the moment, so you will probably find me here or at Wikimedia Commons. Here, I only do some vandalism reverting, article creation, as well as GP and RP works at the moment. In future when I have mastered Malay, I hope to be able to contribute better quality articles and more content. Except for the butterfly articles, articles I create now are most likely in English, and may require translation by the other editors here.
:'''My objectives of being here:'''
# To improve the coverage of butterflies in the Malay Wikipedia.
# As an act of goodwill, since [[Malaysia]] and [[Singapore]] are neighbours.
# To improve my command of the [[Bahasa Melayu|Malay language]], which I'm trying to learn.
== Others ==
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