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== Saya perlu maklumat tentang '''berlayarmelayari atau bercarimencari''' ==
The '''[[Wikipedia:FAQ/Readers|Readers' FAQ]]''' and our '''[[Wikipedia:About|"About" page]]''' contain the most commonly sought information about Wikipedia.
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== ISaya want tomahu '''editmenyunting''' Wikipedia ==
Contributing is easy: see '''[[Wikipedia:Tutorial/Editing|how to edit a page]]''' or '''[[Wikipedia:Contributing to Wikipedia|contributing to Wikipedia]]'''. For a quick summary on participating, see the '''[[Wikipedia:Plain and simple|Plain and simple]]''' guide. The '''[[Help:Cheatsheet|Cheatsheet]]''' will remind you of basic wiki markup. You can practice editing and experiment in a '''[[Wikipedia:sandbox|sandbox]]'''. Or play '''[[WP:The Wikipedia Adventure/Portal|the Wikipedia Adventure]]''' to learn to edit in an hour.
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== ISaya want tomahu '''reportmelaporkan asebuah problemmasalah''' withdengan ansebuah articlerencana ==
'''If you have a problem or question with an article about yourself, a family member, friend or colleague, please add a discussion to the [[WP:BLPN|Biographies of Living Persons' Noticeboard]].'''
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== ISaya want tomahu '''createmencipta asebuah newrencana articlebaru''' oratau '''uploadmuat naik media''' ==
Check '''[[Wikipedia:Your first article|Your first article]]''' to see if your topic is appropriate, then the '''[[Wikipedia:Article wizard|Article wizard]]''' will walk you through creating the article.
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== ISaya havemempunyai asebuah '''factualsoalan questionfakta''' ==
If '''[[Special:Search|searching Wikipedia]]''' has not answered your question (''for example, questions like "Which country has the world's largest fishing fleet?"''), try the '''[[Wikipedia:Reference desk|Reference Desk]]'''. Volunteers there will attempt to answer your questions on any topic, or point you towards the information you need.
== I'mSaya '''stuckterjebak''' ==
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== I'mSaya lookingsedang formencari helpbantuan withuntuk '''somethingsebarang yang specificspesifik''' ==
* Use the '''Search Help''' box at the top right of this page.
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== AdditionalCarian searchestambahan ==
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| width="300" style="text-align:center;" | '''Search [[Wikipedia:FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]]'''