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| language = French
| genre =
| publisher = [[Reynal & Hitchcock]] (U.S.)<br>[[Éditions Gallimard|Gallimard]] (France)<ref name="" />
| release_date = September 1943 (U.S.: English & French)<br>(France, French, 1945)<ref name="" />{{refn|
Note that although Saint-Exupéry's regular French publisher, Gallimard, lists ''Le Petit Prince'' as being published in 1946, that is apparently a legalistic interpretation possibly designed to allow for an extra year of the novella's copyright protection period, and is based on Gallimard's explanation that the book was only 'sold' starting in 1946. Other sources, such as,<ref name="" /> record the first Librairie Gallimard printing of 12,250 copies as occurring on 30 November 1945.
| english_release_date =
| preceded_by = [[Flight to Arras|Pilote de guerre]] ''(1942)