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===OttomanKhalifah CaliphsUthmaniyyah (1517 – 3 MarchMac 1924){{anchor|OttomanKhalifah CaliphsUthmaniyyah}}===
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The head of the [[Ottoman dynasty]] was just entitled ''[[List of sultans of the Ottoman Empire|Sultan]]'' originally, but soon it started accumulating titles assumed from subjected peoples.<ref>[[#Lan04|Lane-Poole 2004]], [ p. 195]</ref><ref>[[#Bos04|Bosworth 2004]], [ pp. 239–240]</ref> [[Murad I]] (reigned 1362–1389) was the first Ottoman claimant to the title of Caliph; claimed the title after [[Ottoman conquest of Adrianople|conquering]] [[Edirne]].<ref>{{cite book |last1=Lambton |first1=Ann |author-link1=Ann Lambton |last2=Lewis |first2=Bernard |author-link2=Bernard Lewis |title=The Cambridge History of Islam: The Indian sub-continent, South-East Asia, Africa and the Muslim west |volume=2 |url= |page=320 |publisher=Cambridge University Press |year=1995 |isbn=9780521223102|access-date=14 March 2015}}</ref>
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