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{{Politics of Argentina}}
The '''President ofPresiden Argentina''' (fullgelaran titlepenuh: ''PresidentPresiden ofNegara the Argentine NationArgentina'', [[SpanishBahasa language|SpanishSepanyol]]: ''Presidente de la Nación Argentina'') is themerupakan [[head ofketua statenegara]] of [[Argentina]]. UnderMenurut [[Constitution ofPerlembagaan Argentina|thePerlembagaan national Constitutionnegaranya]], thePresiden Presidentjuga is also themerupakan [[Head ofKetua governmentkerajaan|chiefketua executiveeksekutif]] of the [[Politics ofPolitik Argentina|federalkerajaan governmentpersekutuan]] anddan [[Commander-in-Chief]] ofangkatan the [[armed forces]]tentera.
Through Argentine history, the office of the Head of State has undergone many changes, both in its title as in its features and powers. The current President is [[Néstor Kirchner]], who was inaugurated in his office on [[May 25]], [[2003]]. Upon the end of his term, his wife, [[Cristina Fernández de Kirchner]] will assume the presidential office on [[December 10]], [[2007]].