Perbezaan antara semakan "Presiden Argentina"

In 1819 the Congress assembled that had declared Independence, composed a Constitution. It established an executive figure, named Supreme Director, which was vested with presidential powers. This constitution was of unitarian style, and gave the Supreme Director the additional power of appointing the [[Governor]]s of the [[province]]s. This constitution, however, because of political circumstances, never came into force, and central power was dissolved, leaving the country as a [[federation]] of provinces.
=== The Constitution ofPerlembagaan 1826 ===
A new constitutional drafting attempt was made in 1826. This constitution was the first to create the figure of President, although this office retained the unitarian powers described in the 1819 attempt. This constitution came into force, resulting in the election of the first President, [[Bernardino Rivadavia]]. Due to problems related to the [[Argentina-Brazil War]], Rivadavia resigned after a short time, and the office was dissolved shortly after.