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We don't delete user page, because vandal like it to stay hidden. [[Pengguna:Yosri|Yosri]] ([[Perbincangan pengguna:Yosri|bincang]]) 12:18, 3 Mac 2017 (UTC)
:[[Pengguna:Yosri|Yosri]], I simply want my userpage deleted so my Meta-page can be transmitted here so more information will be presented on my userpage [about me]. I don't understand "because vandal like it to stay hidden", but as far as I know, I'd still have a userpage on this wiki (from my meta-page, which has way more information about me). Thanks. --[[Pengguna:Atcovi|Atcovi]] ([[Perbincangan pengguna:Atcovi|bincang]]) 12:22, 3 Mac 2017 (UTC)