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*[[Sejarah bekalan elektrik di Queensland]]
*[[Sejarah Toowoomba, Queensland]]
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*[ Queensland History quarterly]
*[ Queensland History]
*[ Central Queensland History ]
*[ Queensland State Archives] - the state's major source of historical documentation relating to government
**[ Queensland's Declaration of War in 1914]
*[ Royal Historical Society of Queensland Welsby Library] has a unique collection on Queensland history and the Commissariat Store is a convict museum
*[ State Library of Queensland's Heritage Collections] - the state's largest collection of Queensland related historical materials including books, newspapers, films, photographs, manuscripts, ephemera, digital stories, clippings files, artworks, and realia
*[ Convict Queenslanders] - those who arrived in Australia as convicts, then made their way to Queensland where they became a part of the colony's history
*[ Picture Queensland] - online collection of images that documents Queensland’s people, places and events, both historical and contemporary
*[ History Queensland Inc. Membership list]
* [ Watch historical footage of Far North Queensland] from the [[National Film and Sound Archive]] of Australia's collection.
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