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! align="center" colspan="17" | Safety features <ref name="Proton Prevé Malaysia"/><ref name="Proton Prevé Thailand"/><ref name="Proton Prevé Singapore"/><ref name="Proton Prevé Australia"/><ref name="Proton Prevé Indonesia"/><ref name="Proton Prevé Specifications Brunei"></ref><ref name="Proton Prevé Chile 2016 >"/preve.php</ref>{{lower|0.2em|{{#tag:ref|'''Legend'''<br>'''Blue''' : Standard across all trim levels.<br>'''Green''' : Available on selected trim level(s) only, full package.<br>'''Yellow''' : Available on selected trim level(s) only, but is not the full package.<br>'''Red''' : Not available on selected trim level(s), or is the no-frills package.|name="Safety specifications"|group="N"}}<!--end lower:-->}}{{lower|0.2em|{{#tag:ref|All Proton Prevé units manufactured in or after November 2013 for the Malaysian Domestic Market (MDM) are equipped standard with all of its engineered safety features, and is equivalent to the 5-Star ANCAP specifications in the Australian market Proton Prevé. Between April 2012 and October 2013, the MDM Prevé Executive M/T and CVT were only equipped with dual airbags, ABS and EBD while the MDM Prevé Premium CVT was fitted with dual front and dual side airbags, ABS, EBD, BA, TCS and ESC.<ref name="Proton Prevé 5-Star ANCAP"/>|name="Proton Prevé 5-Star ANCAP 2014 MC"|group="N"}}<!--end lower:-->}}
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