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* Other publications include ''Courage and Other Broadcasts'' (1957); and ''Unofficial History'' (1959).
== Nota kaki ==
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== Bacaan lanjut==
* {{cite web |title=General Bill Slim |publisher=[[Burma Star Association]] |url= |first=Frank |last=Owen |accessdate=4 September 2008 |url-status=dead |archiveurl= |archivedate=12 September 2008 |df=dmy-all }}
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==Pautan luar==
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* {{cite web|author=NAM staff |url= |title=Britain's Greatest General |publisher=[[National Army Museum]]|date=9 April 2011}}: "The joint winners of Britain's Greatest General, as decided by the audience at [the National Army Museum] celebrity speaker event on Saturday 9 April 2011, were William Slim and The [[Duke of Wellington]]".
*[ Indian Army Officers 1939−1945]
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