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| name = Rust
| logo = [[Fail:Rust programming language black logo.svg|150px]]
| logo caption = Official Rust logo
| screenshot = <!-- Filename only -->
| screenshot caption =
| paradigms = [[Bahasa pengaturcaraan aneka paradigma|Aneka paradigma]]: [[Pengaturcaraan serentak|serentak]], [[Pengaturcaraan kefungsian|kefungsian]], [[Pengaturcaraan generik|generik]], [[Pengaturacaraan imperatif|imperatif]], [[Pengaturcaraan berstruktur|berstruktur]]
| year = {{Start date and age|2010|07|07}}
| designer = Graydon Hoare
| developer = The Rust Project
| latest release version = 1.39.0<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Announcing Rust 1.39.0|author=The Rust Release Team|website=The Rust Programming Language Blog |date=7 November 2019|accessdate=7 November 2019}}</ref>
| latest release date = {{Start date and age|2019|11|07}}
| typing = [[Inferens jenis|Diinferens]], [[Sistem jenis substruktural#Sistem jenis linear|linear]], [[Sistem jenis nominal|nominal]], [[Penjenisan statik|statik]], [[Penjenisan kuat dan lemah|kuat]]
| scope =
| bahasa pengaturcaraan = Rust
| platform = [[Seni bina ARM|ARM]], [[IA-32]], [[x86-64]], [[Seni bina MIPS|MIPS]], [[PowerPC]], [[SPARC]], [[RISC-V]]<ref name="RustPlatforms">{{cite web |url= |title=Rust Platform Support |author=<!--Unstated--> |date=<!--Undated--> |website=Rust Forge |access-date=2019-05-19}}</ref><ref name="EmbeddedFAQ">{{cite web |url= |title=Frequently Asked Questions |author=<!--Unstated--> |date=<!--Undated--> |website=Rust Embedded |access-date=2019-05-14}}</ref>
| operating system = [[Linux]], [[macOS]], [[Microsoft Windows|Windows]], [[FreeBSD]], [[OpenBSD]],<ref>{{cite web |title=OpenBSD ports |url= |access-date=2018-04-03}}</ref> [[Redox OS|Redox]], [[Android (sistem pengendalian)|Android]], [[iOS]]<ref>{{cite web |title=Building and Deploying a Rust library on iOS |url= |access-date=11 January 2019 |date=6 September 2017}}</ref>
| license = [[Lesen MIT|MIT]] atau [[Lesen Apache|Apache 2.0]]<ref name='legal'>{{cite web |url= |title=Rust Legal Policies |access-date=2018-04-03 |}}</ref>
| file ext = .rs, .rlib
| file format = <!-- or: | file formats = -->
| website = {{URL|}}
| implementations = <!-- None listed as of 2019 -->
| dialects = <!-- None as of 2019 -->
| influenced by = [[Alef (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Alef]],<ref name="influences">{{cite web |title=The Rust Reference: Appendix: Influences |url= |access-date=November 11, 2018 |quote=Rust is not a particularly original language, with design elements coming from a wide range of sources. Some of these are listed below (including elements that have since been removed): SML, OCaml [...] C++ [...] ML Kit, Cyclone [...] Haskell [...] Newsqueak, Alef, Limbo [...] Erlang [...] Ruby [...] Swift [...] Scheme [...] C# [...]}}</ref> [[C Sharp|C#]],<ref name="influences" /> [[C++]],<ref name="influences" /> [[Cyclone (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Cyclone]],<ref name="influences" /><ref name="rustwiki-noteresearch-typesystem">{{cite web |url= |title=Note Research: Type System |date=2015-02-01 |access-date=2015-03-25 |quote=Papers that have had more or less influence on Rust, or which one might want to consult for inspiration or to understand Rust's background. [...] ''Region based memory management in Cyclone'' [...] ''Safe memory management in Cyclone''}}</ref> [[Erlang (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Erlang]],<ref name="influences" /> [[Haskell]],<ref name="influences" /> [[Limbo (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Limbo]],<ref name="influences" /> [[Newsqueak]],<ref name="influences" /> [[OCaml]],<ref name="influences" /> [[Ruby (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Ruby]],<ref name="influences" /> [[Scheme (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Scheme]],<ref name="influences" /> [[Standard ML]],<ref name="influences" /> [[Swift (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Swift]]<ref name="influences" /><ref name="rust-if-let">{{cite web |title=RFC for 'if let' expression |url= |access-date=December 4, 2014}}</ref>
| influenced = [[Crystal (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Crystal]], [[Elm (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Elm]],<ref name="elmresult">{{cite web |url=!searchin/elm-discuss/rust/elm-discuss/lMX_9miTD2E/QBwdvL4JD9wJ |title=Command Optimizations? |date=2014-06-26 |access-date=2014-12-10 |quote=I just added the outline of a Result library that lets you use richer error messages. It's like Either except the names are more helpful. The names are inspired by Rust's Result library.}}</ref> [[Idris (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Idris]],<ref>{{cite web |title=Idris – Uniqueness Types |url= |access-date=2018-11-20}}</ref> [[SPARK (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Spark]],<ref>{{cite journal |last=Jaloyan |first=Georges-Axel |title=Safe Pointers in SPARK 2014 |date=19 October 2017 |url= |access-date=1 January 2019}}</ref> [[Swift (bahasa pengaturcaraan)|Swift]]<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Chris Lattner's Homepage |last=Lattner |first=Chris |date=<!--Undated--> | |access-date=2019-05-14}}</ref>}}
'''Rust''' ialah sebuah bahasa pengaturcaraan yang dibangunkan oleh [[Mozilla]]. Berbeza dengan bahasa pengaturcaraan moden lain, ia tidak menggunakan sebarang [[Pengutipan sampah (sains komputer)|pengutip sampah automatik]], sebaliknya ia menggunakan konsep [[pemerolehan sumber adalah pengawalan]] (RAII).
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