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'''Maman''' ialah seorang penyanyi lelaki popular era 1990an yang berasal dari [[Singapura]] dan mula mencipta nama menerusi kumpulan [[Teacher's Pet]] pada tahun 1995. Beliau kini menetap dan berkecimpung dalam industri muzik di Singapura. Lagu-lagu seperti ''Warisan Wanita Terakhir'', ''Layar Lara'', ''Kasih Ku Pinjam WajahMu'', ''Cinta Kita'', ''Di Wajahmu Ku Lihat Bulan'', ''Ku Miliki Bayanganmu'' (duet bersama [[Nora|Nora Ariffin]] dan ''Seringkali'' telah membawa Maman Teacher’s Pet ke satu taraf yang tinggi dalam persada seni. Untuk mengulangi dan mencapai ke tahap itu sekali lagi memanglah sukar tetapi Maman tetap meneruskannya dengan cara tersendiri.
'''Maman''' is a singer and song-writer, active in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. Maman was the founder of the now defunct rock band, Teacher's Pet. Teacher's Pet was founded in 1992 with their first album titled "Eh Keras Tu" under Warner Music Malaysia. Teacher's Pet catapulted in the music chart, especially in Malaysia with the songs "Warisan Wanita Terakhir" and "Malas". During the height of this band, Lee Cooper, the jeans apparel brand, collaborated with Warner Music Malaysia by featuring Teacher's Pet, on major advertisement platforms, nationwide, inclusive of huge posters on buses across Klang Valley. Maman led his team in their maiden concert in "Kuala Lumpur Live Center" in 1992. Teacher's Pet featured young talents led by Maman (22 years old), while the youngest was Addy (17 years old). Teacher's Pet disbanded in 1994, because most of its members had to serve National Service in Singapore.
MamanSetelah leftalbum Teacher's'Eh…Keras PetTu'' andbersama wentkumpulan soloTeacher’s inPet 1995,dan releasingkemudiannya his maidenalbum solo album "''Di Suatu Hari, Di Suatu Waktu". In the album'', most of the songs were composed and written by Maman himself.telah Themencipta albumbanyak alsolagu wonuntuk thefilem Bestdan Recordedjuga Album in the "Anugerah Industri Muzik" (AIM)beberapa inprojek 1996khas. ProlificSelain songsdari fromitu, thisMaman albumjuga includestelah "Kasihtampil Kusebagai Pinjampelakon Wajahdi MU"beberapa thatfilem wentdan ondrama todi be an evergreen in Malaysian music industryMalaysia. InPopularitinya thepada sametahun year,1995 Mamanmelayakkan wasbeliau nominatedtercalon inuntuk thekategori category of "[[Penyanyi Lelaki Popular" (ABPBH)]] di [[Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH)]].
* '''Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu''' '''-(1995''')
* ''Taqwa'' (2009)
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=== Early Life ===
Maman was born in Singapore in 1969. His early schooling was in Commonwealth Secondary School, Queen's Crescent, Singapore. He is number three in four siblings, which included an elder brother, elder sister and a younger sister. None of his family was involved in the entertainment industry. Maman grew up in Singapore. His first instrument was a guitar that he found when he was 8 years old. With his strong will power to learn music, he finally mastered guitar playing at the age of 12 years old, purely on self-learning.
At the age of 10 years old, he sang in public, in a local exhibition (local expo and fun-fair) replacing his brother who decided not to sing at the last minute. He sang "Still Loving You" from Scorpian. He caught the attention of all the patron with his ability to sing high note, effortlessly. That was the start of his confidence in music. With this new found confidence, he decided to pursue his career in music, never turning back, until today.
In his next major performance, which took place in his high school, Maman in the vigor of the moment, went overboard with the audience cheering and claps, by throwing the microphone stand to the audience. As a punishment, he was banned from performing in his school again. At the age of 20, Maman won 2nd price in a Rock Band competition in Sentosa Island. That further boosted his motivation to become a singer.
== Career ==
==== 1985-1996 ====
Maman went serious into the music industry when he was 16 years old. He joined a band called "Flying Funeral", which at the time, needed a stronger lead singer to compete with other rock bands, in the crowded music industry. The first album titled "Kenangan" was recorded in Malaysia and Maman sang the titled song. Flying Funeral later dismissed Maman because his voice went through changes as he grows into adulthood. It took Maman 2 years to regain his singing composure as an adult singer, and with the band "T.R.Y.", he won the singing competition in Sentosa. However, Maman went through yet another challenge, when he was called to serve the National Service. His career almost ended at that time, if not for his determination to continue, even during his National Service. He has to shed his "rocker" image and cut his long hair, but continued to perform in the center of technical and mechanical facilities in Singapore.
Maman got the attention of a seasoned music producer in Singapore, Shahnazron, who wrote "Warisan Wanita Terakhir" song. Maman was given the task to promote the demo for "Warisan Wanita Terakhir" to record labels in Kuala Lumpur, in order for him to have a chance as a recording artist. With full of hope and determination, he took the train to Kuala Lumpur and met with M.Nasir, to pitch for his own recording album. However, the pitch with M.Nasir did not work out, however, Warner Music Malaysia was interested with Maman's proposition. Tony Fernandez, Managing Director of Warner Malaysia at the time, took Maman and facilitated Maman's journey by establishing Teacher's Pet, a rock band, which was the same concept as "Mr Big", a huge phenomenon in the global music trend. Maman and the Teacher's Pet recorded their album "Eh Keras Tu". When Teacher's Pet disbanded in 1994, Maman continued his music career by going solo. He had one of the strongest voice in Malaysia at the time and being one of the youngest in the industry, he captured his own loyal followers across Malaysia and Singapore.
From here onwards, Maman took a short stint as an actor in a local film. His acting career was short-lived as his heart was always close to music. By this time Maman has grown into a formidable figure in the industry, known as a singer that writes his own songs. In addition, he took on the role of Music Director and did the scoring for a local film in Malaysia. He continued his music power by taking on yet another role as the Music Director again for the movie directed by the famed actress Erma Fatima, titled "Perempuan Melayu Terakhir". The movie received strong reviews and the theme song by Maman, "Di Wajah Mu Ku Lihat Bulan" (it was originally an Indonesian song in the 50s), became a song remembered until today.
==== 1997-2019 ====
Maman returned to Singapore in 1997. He focused on composing songs for new talents. As his music journey pivoted to a more mature and world concept, Maman released his own album in 2008 called "Hijrah". The album was in collaboration with a Singaporean NGO. The album Hijrah received mixed reviews, as Maman's singing style evolved from rock to world genre. In this album, Maman showed his versatility in rendering songs and rythm across genre. He also had full creative control of the production, with all the songs were written fully (inclusive of lyrics) by Maman himself. The songs "Ruh Alam Semesta" and "Anugerah Cinta" became the favorite of Singapore radios.
Maman then produced yet another album, "Dzikir Alam" in 2013. Again, he took full creative control of the album. The remake of "Anugerah Cinta" again was well received by the his loyal followers and new fans. By this time, Maman again changed his image, shedding his hair completely and kept this clean image until today.
Maman can be found in YouTube as Maman Teacher's Pet - MamanX [] Facebook Page Mamanteacherspet Fanpage and Instagram
* '''Eh Keras Tu''' - '''1992'''
* '''Di Suatu Hari Di Suatu Waktu''' '''-1995'''
* '''Hijrah -2008'''
* '''Dzikir Alam -2013'''
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