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(Laman baru: ==Interwiki NL== I wished to add an interwiki to this page, but the page was locked. Please could you add: <nowiki>nl:Portaal:Hulp en beheer</nowiki> in the list of interwiki-links? ...)
==Interwiki NL==
IThe wishedhelp topage addof anthe interwikinl-wiki tohas thisbeen page,changed. butThe theold pageversion was(=nl:Help:Wikipedia) lockedwill be archived within some time. PleaseThe couldnew youhelp-page add:can be found on <nowiki>[[:nl:Portaal:Hulp en beheer]]</nowiki>. Your helppage has been locked. Could you please inchange the listcurrent ofinterwiki-link to '''nl:Portaal:Hulp en beheer''' so that the interwiki-links?link Thanksis fixed. Thank you! Greetings - [[Pengguna:NL-Romaine|NL-Romaine]] 23:38, 10 Mac 2008 (UTC)