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*[[Ibn Abd-el-HakemAbdul Hakam|Ibn Abd al-Hakam]], ''Kitab Futuh Misr wa'l Maghrib wa'l Andalus''. English translation by [[Charles Cutler Torrey|Torrey]] of portion of this 9th century work covering the period: "The Muhammedan Conquest of Egypt and North Africa in the Years 643-705 A.D., translated from the Original Arabic of Ibn 'Abd-el Hakem'", ''Biblical and Semitic Studies'' vol. 1 (1901), 279-330 (covers North Africa only, not Spain). An online copy of an older and less reliable (19th-century) translation of the portion dealing only with Spain is at: [ Medieval Sourcebook: ''The Islamic Conquest of Spain'']
*[[Ahmad ibn Yahya al-Baladhuri|al-Baladhuri]], ''[[Kitab Futuh al-Buldan]]'', translated by [[Phillip Hitti]] in ''The Origins of the Islamic State'' (1916, 1924).
*A. Benabbès: "Les premiers raids arabes en Numidie Byzantine: questions toponymiques." In ''Identités et Cultures dans l'Algérie Antique'', University of Rouen, 2005 (ISBN 2-87775-391-3)