Perbezaan antara semakan "Wikipedia:Menghapuskan laman"

=== Notis penyenaraian untuk pemadaman ===
Bila anda menyenaraikan sesuatu laman untuk dipadamkan, adalah sopan untuk memberitahu pengguna-pengguna lain serta pencipta laman tersebut. Untuk itu, anda boleh letakkan templat <nowiki>{{subst:padam}}</nowiki> di laman tersebut, yang akan menghasilkan teks berikut:
When you list a page on <<Wikipedia:Votes for deletion>> that you think will be listed for the entire 5 days (i.e., a page that won't be deleted immediately) it is courteous to let people know it might be deleted. The suggested way is to place the following or similar notice (<nowiki>{{subst:vfd}}</nowiki> is useful shorthand for this) '''above''' the page's content:
<br style="clear:both" />
{| align="CENTER" style="width:80%; background-color:#FFFFFF; border:7px solid #FF0000; padding:5px;"
| '''Rencana ini merupakan calon untuk dihapuskan segera. Jika anda tidak setuju dengan usul ini, sila nyatakan sebabnya di [[Wikipedia:Permohonan memadam laman|sini]], atau di [[Perbualan {{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}|laman perbincangannnya]].'''
[[Category:Rencana untuk dihapuskan]]
:<nowiki>''This page has been listed as <<Wikipedia:Deletion policy|a candidate for deletion>>. In the normal day to day operations of Wikipedia, some pages are deleted. Please go to the <<Wikipedia:Votes for deletion|Votes for Deletion>> page to discuss whether this page should be deleted. If you have questions about why this
page was listed, you can also ask ~~~.''</nowiki>
Semoga notis ini akan mengelakkan pembaca dan pengguna baru dari keliru mengapa sesebuah laman itu dihapuskan.
Hopefully, this notice will prevent readers and new users from becoming confused as to why a page was removed. ''Please note: <<wikipedia:possible copyright infringements|possible copyright infringements>> have a different suggested notice.'' Please use the "Copyright infringement notice" text from <<Wikipedia:Boilerplate text>> instead.
Notis ini tidak perlu untuk laman-laman yang:
The notice is not needed for pages which a) have no content (such as <<Wikipedia:Redirect|redirects>>), '''and''' b) also have no significant history. (E.g. a redirect whose entire history is that it used to redirect from "Foo" to "Foobar", and has been changed to redirect to "FooBar", because the target page was moved, does not have any significant history.) A history which shows '''any''' content being added or removed is significant history.
a) tiada kandungan (contohnya [[Wikipedia:Alihan|alihan]] '''dan''' b) tiada sejarah penting. Sejarah yang menunjukkan '''apa-apa''' kandungan ditambah atau dibuang adalah penting.
=== UnlistingMengeluarkan alaman pagedari from VfDsenarai ===
If another solution has been found for some of these pages than deletion, leave them listed on <<Wikipedia:Votes for deletion>> for a short while, so the original poster can see why it wasn't deleted, and what did happen to it. This will prevent reposting of the same item. After the original poster has seen the explanation, or in any case after about a day, the page can be delisted from VfD.