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[[Digestive enzyme]] supplements may significantly reduce the amount of flatulence caused by some components of foods not being digested by the body and thereby promoting the action of microbes in the small and large [[intestines]]. It has been suggested that [[alpha-galactosidase]] [[enzymes]], which can digest certain complex sugars, are effective in reducing the volume and frequency of flatus.<ref>{{cite journal| author=Ganiats TG| coauthors=Norcross WA, Halverson AL, Burford PA, Palinkas LA| title=Does Beano prevent gas? A double-blind crossover study of oral alpha-galactosidase to treat dietary oligosaccharide intolerance| journal=J Fam Pract| year=1994| volume=39| pages=441–5 |pmid=7964541 }}</ref> The [[enzymes]] [[alpha-galactosidase]] ), [[lactase]], [[amylase]], [[lipase]], [[protease]], [[cellulase]], [[Amylase#γ-Amylase|glucoamylase]], [[invertase]], malt [[diastase]], [[pectinase]], and [[bromelain]] are available, either individually or in combination blends, in commercial products.