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The '''Masjid Sultan Hassan II Mosque''' ({{lang-ar|مسجد الحسن الثاني}}) isadalah asebuah [[mosque]]masjid yang locatedterletak indi [[Casablanca]], [[MoroccoMaghribi]]. DesignedDireka by theoleh [[France|Frencharkitek]] [[architectPerancis]] ,[[Michel Pinseau]] and built bydan [[Bouygues]],<ref>[ Bouygues website: Hassan II Mosque]</ref>masjid itini ismerupakan themasjid secondyang largestkedua interbesar thedi worlddunia (after the(selepas [[Masjid Al-Haram|Masjid al-Haram]] indi [[MeccaMekah]]). It stands on a [[promontory]]Menara looking out to the [[Atlantic Ocean|Atlanticmasjid]], whichini canadalah beyang seentertinggi throughdi a gigantic glass floor with room for 25,000 worshippers. A further 80,000 can be accommodated in the mosque's courtyard. Its [[minaret]] is the world'sdunia tallestiaitu atsetinggi 200m.
[[Image:Hassan2.jpg|thumb|250px|left|Hassan 2]]
Built on reclaimed land, almost half of the surface of the mosque lies over the Atlantic water. This was inspired by the [[Ayah|verse]] of the [[Qur'an]] that states "the throne of God was built on the water". Part of floor of this facility is glass so worshippers can kneel directly over the sea; above, spotlights shine at night from the top of the [[minaret]] toward [[Mecca]].
The mosque displays strong [[Moorish]] influence and the architecture of the building is similar to that of the [[Alhambra]] and the [[Mezquita]] in [[Spain]]. This and the old [[Tin Mal Mosque]] are the only mosques in Morocco open to non-Muslims. Non-Muslims may view the interior on hour-long guided tours that depart several times daily.<ref><em>The Rough Guide to Morocco</em></ref>
Image:Hassan II mosque1 (js).jpg|"HisArasy ThroneAllah Wasberada Ondi Wateratas air"
Image:Hassan II mosque2 (js).jpg|MinaretMenara masjid
Image:Hassan II mosque3 (js).jpg|InsideDi thedalam Mosquemasjid
Image:Hassan II mosque4 (js).jpg|InsideDi thedalam Mosquemasjid
Image:Hassan II mosque5 (js).jpg|FountainAir pancut
Image:Hassan II Mosque in the evening (js).jpg|HassanMasjid IISultan MosqueHassan inII theketika eveningmaghrib
Image:Hassan II mosque6 (js).jpg|MosqueMasjid atini nightketika malam
Image:Morocco Africa Flickr Rosino December 2005 82664692.jpg|InteriorDi ofdalam the Mosquemasjid
Work on the mosque was commenced on [[12 July]] [[1986]], and was intended to be completed for the 60th birthday of the former Moroccan king, [[Hassan II of Morocco|Hassan II]], in 1989. However, the building was not inaugurated until [[30 August]] [[1993]].
All of the granite, plaster, marble, wood, and other materials used in its construction were taken from around Morocco, with the sole exceptions of some white granite columns and the glass chandeliers, both of which come from Italy. Six thousand traditional Moroccan artisans worked for five years to turn these raw materials into abundant and incredibly beautiful mosaics, stone and [[marble]] floors and [[columns]], sculpted [[plaster]] moldings, and carved and painted wood ceilings.
[[Image:Morocco Window.jpg|thumb|right|250px|From the inside]]
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