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'''Masjid Sheikh Zayed Mosque''' isadalah the third largest [[mosque]] in the world <ref>[ - Non-Muslims flock to world's third-largest mosque]</ref>, located in [[Abu Dhabi]], the capital of the [[United Arab Emirates]]. It is named after [[Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan|Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan]] the founder and the first [[President of the United Arab Emirates]], who is also buried there. The Mosque was officially opened in the month of [[Ramadan]] in 2007. It is located in a large area between two bridges, [[Mussafah Bridge]] and Maqta bridge. It is considered the sixth largest mosque in the world. <ref>[ Pro Audio Middle East — Grand Design]</ref> Although it is illegal for non-Muslims to enter mosques in the United Arab Emirates, this mosque will be an exception. The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority announced that tours of the mosques will be given to both Muslims and non-Muslims beginning in mid-March 2008 in order to promote cultural and religious understanding.<ref>{{Cite news |title=Zayed mosque to allow guided tours |url= |publisher=''[[Gulf News]]'' |date=2008-02-20 |accessdate=2008-03-08}}</ref>
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