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==Usage guide==
The parameters are:
* '''{{{name}}}''' — the name of the Parliament/House (e.g. House of Commons (UK); Parliament of Romania).
* '''{{{coa_pic}}}''' — coat of arms (Optional).
* '''{{{coa-pic}}}''' - coat of arms (Optional).
* '''{{{session_room}}}''' — image of the session room (Optional).
* '''{{{house_type}}}''' — [[bicameral]]/[[unicameral]] for assembly; [[upper house]]/[[lower house]] for the houses themselves.
* '''{{{body}}}''' - name of large legislative assembly if a chamber
* '''{{{houses}}}''' — names of the houses that make up the assembly; if more than one, separate with <nowiki><br></nowiki>.
* '''{{{leader1_type}}}''' — title of chamber leader (speaker, chairman, president, etc).
* '''{{{leader1}}}''' — leader of the chamber.
* '''{{{party1}}}''' — political party of leader.
* '''{{{election1}}}''' — date that leader was elected.
* '''{{{leader2_type}}}''' — title of leader of the second chamber, see '''{{{leader1_type}}}''' (describes lower house, for use in article about a unicameral assembly).
* '''{{{party2}}}''' — political party of second chamber leader.
* '''{{{election2}}}''' — date that second leader was elected.
* '''{{{members}}}''' — the (total) number of members in the assembly/house.
* '''{{{p_groups}}}''' — list of the political parties/groups represented.
* '''{{{election3}}}''' — date of election that determined the current composition, based on its effects having taken place and not whether it was most recent, used to describe number of political parties/groups at present.
* '''{{{meeting_place}}}''' — the place where it meets: building (room), city (e.g. Palatul Parlamentului, Bucureşti).
* '''{{{website}}}''' — the assembly's/house's official website (Optional).
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