Gaya seni bina India: Perbezaan antara semakan

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Climate responsive architecture has long been a feature of India's architecture but has been losing its significance as of late.<ref name=rjadhav2/> Indian architecture reflects its various socio-cultural sensibilities which vary from region to region.<ref name=rjadhav2>See Raj Jadhav, 13 in ''Modern Traditions: Contemporary Architecture in India''.</ref> Certain areas are traditionally held to be belonging to women.<ref name=rjadhav2/> Villages in India have features such as courtyards, loggias, terraces and balconies.<ref name=Gast77/> [[Calico (textile)|Calico]], [[chintz]], and [[palampore]]—of Indian origin—highlight the assimilation of Indian textiles in global interior design.<ref name=eb-savage>Savage 2008</ref>
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