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:''Lihat [[Rayshahr]] untuk Pusat Pendidikan Empayar Sassanid di Provinsi Fars.''
'''Rey''', '''Rayy''', '''Rhages''' atau '''Rages''' (ری dalam [[bahasa Parsi|bahasa Parsi]]; {{polytonic|Ῥάγαι}} (Rhágai) dalam [[bahasa YunaniGreek|Greek]], ''Rhagae'' dalam [[Latin]]) juga dikenali dengan '''Shahr-e Rey''' ({{lang-fa|شهر ری}}), adalahialah kotabandar tertua diluardi luar [[ProvinsiTeheran Tehran(wilayah)|Provinsiwilayah Tehran]], [[Iran]].
== Sejarah dan Kebudayaankebudayaan ==
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TheBandar cityini isdianggarkan estimatedberusia tolebih be5 moreribu than five thousand years oldtahun, and wasdan builtdibina duringdi thezaman [[Medes|MedianEmpayar EmpireMedes]]. It wasIa knowndikenali indi Classicalzaman timesklasik assebagai Rhagae. Ia Itdisebut isbeberapa mentionedkali several times in thedalam [[Apocrypha]] ([[Book ofKitab Judith|Judith]] 1:5, 15; [[Book ofKitab Tobit|Tobit]] 1:14, 5:5, 6:10). ItsNamanya nameberasal datessebelum backzaman toMedes. theSesetengah pre-Median.ahli Somesejarah historiansmenganggap attributebangunannya itsberpunca buildingdaripada toraja ancientmitologi mythological monarchskuno, andmanakala somesebahagian othersyang believelain thatpercaya Ray was the seatmerupakan ofbekas apusat dynastydinasti ofseorang Zoroastrianpemimpin leaderMajusi.
Ray is richer than many other ancient cities in the number of its historical monuments, among which one might refer to the 3000-year-old Gebri castle, the 5000-year-old Cheshmeh Ali hill, the 1000-year-old Bibi Shahr Banoo tomb and Shah Abbasi caravansary. It has been home to pillars of science like [[Rhazes]].
There is also a shrine there, dedicated to commemorate Princess [[Shahr Banu]], eldest daughter of the last ruler of the [[Sassanid Empire]]. She gave birth to [[Ali Zayn al Abidin]], the fourth holy Imam of the [[Shia]] faith. This was through her marriage to [[Husayn ibn Ali]], the grandson of [[Muhammad]], the prophet of [[Islam]]. A nearby mountain is also named after her. However, some sources attribute the shrine to the goddess of water and fertility, [[Anahita]], claiming it was renamed in Islamic times to protect it from any possible harm after the conversion of Iranians to Islam.
== Antara tarikan utama yang masih tinggal ==
==Some remaining prominent attractions==
*'''Cheshmeh Ali Hill:'''
A hill with a spring. In 1933-6 Cheshmeh Ali hill was excavated by archaeologists from the [[Boston Fine Arts Museum]] and the University Museum at the [[University of Pennsylvania]] headed by Dr. Erich Schmidt, which resulted in the discovery of 7,000-year-old artifacts. Some of the discovered objects are displayed at museums in Iran, Chicago, and Philadelphia.
==Rayy hari ini==
Ray today has been absorbed into the [[Greater Tehran]] metropolitan city. It is connected via the [[Tehran Metro]] to the rest of [[Tehran]] and has many industries and factories in operation. Limited excavations of what was not bulldozed were begun in 1997 in collaboration with the [[Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organisation]] (ICHTO), the Department of Archaeological Sciences of the [[University of Bradford]] and the Department of Archaeology of the [[University of Tehran]] .
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