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'''Cogan kata''' atau '''moto''' ialah [[frasa]] rasmi yang memerikan dorongan atau tujuan umum sesuatu [[kelompok sosial]] atau [[pertubuhan]]. Ia boleh ditulis dengan menggunakan mana-mana satu bahasa tetapi bahasa [[Latin]] paling digunakan oleh pertubuhan-pertubuhan di seluruh dunia. Sebaliknya, [[pemerintahan]] dan [[kerajaan]] biasanya menggunakan bahasa tempatan untuk cogan katanya. Perkataan "moto" berasal daripada perkataan [[Bahasa Itali|Itali]] yang membawa pengertian, "jaminan" atau "ayat".
'''Cogan kata''' atau '''moto''' ialah satu [[frasa]] atau kumpulan perkataan yang menggambarkan visi atau arah tujuan ke masa mendatang sesebuah pertubuhan atau kumpulan. Dalam [[Bahasa Indonesia]] cogan disebut dengan ''Motto'', yang bererti langkah tujuan untuk ke depan.
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== LihatIlmu jugajata ==
Dalam bidang [[ilmu jata]], a motto is often depicted on a [[scroll]] in an achievement of arms, typically below the shield or else above the crest as in Scots heraldry.
In English and Scottish heraldry mottoes are not granted with armorial bearings, and may be adopted and changed at will.<ref>{{cite book
|title=An Outline of Heraldry in England and Scotland
|publisher=Pilgrim Press
|quote=Mottoes are not necessarily heriditary and can be adopted and changed at will.
}}</ref> Although very unusual and perhaps outside regular heraldic practice, there are some examples of the particular appearance of the motto scroll and letters thereon being blazoned.<ref>{{cite web|title=USS WINSTON S. CHURCHILL|url=|accessdate=2007-10-23}}</ref>
A canting motto is one that contains [[word play]]. For example, the motto of the [[Earl of Onslow]] is ''Festina lente'', punningly interpreting ''on-slow'' (literally "make haste slowly").
The motto of the [[Counties of England|County]] of [[Somerset]] is in [[Old English language|Anglo-Saxon]]; that of [[South Cambridgeshire]] in the English [[The Fens|Fens]] is in [[Dutch language|Dutch]].
Ships and submarines in the [[Royal Navy]] each have a [[Badge (heraldry)|badge]] and motto, as do units of the [[Royal Air Force]].
In literature, a motto is a sentence, phrase, poem, or word prefixed to an essay, chapter, novel, or the like suggestive of its subject matter. It is a short, suggestive expression of a guiding principle for the written material that follows.
For example, [[Robert Louis Stevenson]]'s ''[[Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes]]'' uses mottos at the start of each section.
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