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Beberapa jurisdiksi perundangan menganggap pornografi komersil satu bentuk [[pelacuran]], walaupun kebanyakan pelakon filem seks komersil tidak menganggap diri mereka sebagai pelacur bagi banyak alasan tetapi sebagai artis. Mereka mendapat bayaran bukan dengan pasangan mereka tetapi studio.
== Sejarah ==
Ramai penghibur seks muncul dalam beraneka ragam filem seks sejak bermulanya fotografi. Kebanyakan "mesin arked syiling" (penny arcades) pada awal tahun 1900an mempunyai filem dan gambar yang digerakkan dengan tangan yang menunjukkan gambar lucah wanita, kebanyakannya tidak menutup bahagian atas. Bagaimanapun hanya sedikit sahaja yang menunjukkan bogel sepenuhnya atau bersama pasangan lain.
Terdapat banyak filem dan gambar yang menunjukkan aksi seks termasuk siri [[Perang Dunia II]] wayang erotik Jerman yang dikenali sebagai "filem Sachsenwald", yang difilemkan secara rahsia di [[Nazi Jerman]] pada tahun 1941. Penghibur seks pada awal pemfileman gambar dan filem selalunya memilih untuk tidak dikenali kerana tekanan sosial dan perundangan yang tidak membenarkan aksi terbuka seks.
<!-- Common wisdom holds that the first generally acknowledged porn star with specific (stage) name recognition was Linda Lovelace from the United States, who starred in the 1972 feature Deep Throat. However, Casey Donovan, star of the first mainstream pornographic hit Boys in the Sand in 1971,[5] achieved name recognition nearly a year before Deep Throat debuted. The success of Deep Throat, which grossed hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide, spawned a slew of other films and pornographic film stars such as Marilyn Chambers (Behind the Green Door), Gloria Leonard (The Opening of Misty Beethoven), Georgina Spelvin (The Devil in Miss Jones), and Bambi Woods (Debbie Does Dallas).
This era has been termed by some to be The Golden Age of Porn when porn films were being shown in public theaters and thus accepted for public consumption or at least tolerated for such.[6] This time frame lasted until the late 1970s, with some saying the early 1980s, whereby these sex films had specific story-plots and promotional budgets and the performers became notable. Such legendary performers of this era include John Holmes, Ginger Lynn Allen, Veronica Hart, Nina Hartley, Seka, and Amber Lynn, who became well known in this era.
The ability for people to view adult movies in the privacy of their own homes, owing to the popularity of the VCR (and later DVD) created a new adult market that exceeded the scope of the previous theatre centric era. Additionally, the prevalence of the Internet served as a catalyst for the increased sale of pornography.
Some state that the production values of adult films have decidedly declined in the attempt to create a constant amount of new films to fulfill the ever increasing demand. Others argue that sex films are merely being more true to their source as some have stated that people only watch these films in order to see these performers have sex.
There are hundreds of adult film companies today, releasing tens of thousands of directly recorded-on-video with minimal sets, including so-called web cam recordings annually, with thousands of people working on both sides of the camera to meet the demand for these films.
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