Kuli (juga dipanggil cooli, cooly, kuli, quli, koelie dan lain-lain) adalah hamba atau buruh pengguna yang datang dari Asia, terutamanya di selatan China, benua kecil India, dan juga Filipina pada abad ke-19 dan awal abad ke-20. Ia juga termasuk orang-orang dari Asia Timur, Asia Selatan, Asia Tengah, dan lain-lain.[1] Juga termasuk dari Afrika Selatan.[2]


  1. ^ Most current dictionaries do not record any offensive meaning ("an unskilled laborer or porter usually in or from the Far East hired for low or subsistence wages" Merriam-Webster) or make a distinction between an offensive meaning in referring to "a person from the Indian subcontinent or of Indian descent" and an at least originally inoffensive, old-fashioned meaning, for example "dated an unskilled native labourer in India, China, and some other Asian countries" (Compact Oxford English Dictionary). However, some dictionaries indicate that the word may be considered offensive in all contexts today. For example, Longman's 1995 edition had "old-fashioned an unskilled worker who is paid very low wages, especially in parts of Asia", but the current version adds "taboo old-fashioned a very offensive word ... Do not use this word".
  2. ^ [1]

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